Our Mission

We believe that high quailty analysis should be available for all stocks, not just the biggest and most well known. Most importantly, it must also be 100% free from bias.

Many other news sites focus on big name stocks that everyone already knows about and well after they have made the majority of their move. Most concerning is how do you know whether the research you are reading is free from bias? Unlike other research sites, we do not accept any form of compensation from any company we cover. That means Nothing, Zilch Nada!

We believe that every company has an internal business cycle that directly correlates with big price movements of thier stock. It is upon this philosophy, that we have built an entire algorithm to seek out those unknown and forgotten stocks ready for their next upturn. We keep our finger on the pulse of these stocks, perform full quantative analysis and then bring them straight to you.

We are over flowing with ideas. Our technical capacity allows us to track over 4,800 companies and narrow them down to a handful every month. We then filter them through our financial models and algorithms to find the diamonds in the rough. In our final review process, we customize a unique financial model for each company, in order to access its value, growth capacity and its position in it's own business cycle.

This proven technique has produced remarkable results and it's is why we are completely confident in our premium services, that we offer so much in depth content for FREE. This enables our visitors the ability to see firsthand the level of quality that we put into our research.

If you're tired of the pump and dump philosphy, lack of companies with no sustainable growth prospects and boring research reports filled with unecessary information, then you should definitley give QUANTeFied.com a try. You owe it to yourself to experience what true equity research was meant to be.

Founded by 'Quants'

Our site was founded by real Quants! Individuals who take financial analysis and mathematics to a whole new deeper level. We specialize on stocks that have little or no analyst coverage, giving you remarkable new insights and uprecedented leverage to forever change the way you look at a stock.

Working marketwide

It doesn't matter whether the company is trading for $0.30 or over $30, we are confident in our ability to spot real value across the board. Opportunity can happen anywhere, whether on the NYSE, Nasdaq or even on the OTCBB, it's our mission to find, analyze and deliver them here, to our readers.

Stock Picks - Equity Research

We offer a free and premium service that will deliver high quality insights to stock selections, according to their internal business cycle, for both the general public as well as money managers. Gone are the days of boring and overly wordy newsletters that take way too much time to get to the point. Our research reports are similar to a dashboard layout, quick and easy to read! This enables you to understand and relay the information to your organization and your clients with ease and in plain english.

It is our belief, backed with years of experience, that when you truly understand something, you can explain it swifty and easily. We also believe in integrity and hard work, so we always give FREE access to our insights, so that anyone can get a sample of what we are achieving here at QUANTeFied, in real time.

Earnings news the way it was intended

Having information on what the earnings of an obscure or forgotten company should report, can mean the difference between financial freedom or slavery. Parking yourself in a company that is experiencing a sideway or downtrending cycle can be ruinous to your future plans. Not only do we analyze each company, we speak to management and participate in their conference calls, asking the tough questions needed to fully understand where the company is and where its going.